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In 1999 Jasyn Bangert began creating electronic music under the name God Module. After 2 demos were sent to a mere handful of labels, God Module quickly sealed a deal with Canadian based Inception Records. In 2000 the debut God Module CD "Artificial" was released in N. America and immediately licensed to the German label Trisol for Europe.[1]

The band's debut album, Artificial, was released by Inception Records in 2000 and licensed to Trisol for release in Europe. After the album's release, God Module left Inception Records, with Ramirez being dismissed from the band. The Perception EP was released by Sector 9 Studios and European label Out of Line Music in 2002.

In 2002 God Module released the "Perception EP" on their new N. American label Sector 9 Studios and their new European label home Out Of Line Music. In addition to working with the new labels, Jasyn was now working with two new members of the band, Courtney Bangert and Byron C. Miller. While Jasyn still continued as the main programmer/writer/vocalist in the studio environment, Byron made a welcome addition to God Module in a live capacity. Courtney, who had appeared on all previous God Module releases now simply stepped up her position as the female voice of God Module as well as a live keyboardist.

The second full length God Module CD "Empath" was released in 2003. The CD's title reflected a departure from the sci-fi themes of the debut God Module disc. Instead it focused on an area far more personal to its creator than exposed on earlier works. "A place where abstract emotion intertwines with the beauty and horror of human life"[2] . 2003 also saw the European debut of God Module live at the GothAM festival in Amsterdam closely followed by their German debut at Wave Gothic Treffen in Leipzig and ended headlining Saturday night of the UK festival Infest with VNV Nation headlining Sunday night.

God Module returned to Europe in 2004 to promote the successful re-release of their debut CD "Artificial 2.0" with a full European tour with label mates Decoded Feedback. Later in the year they released the EP "Victims Among Friends" on Out Of Line and returned to Germany to take part in the Out Of Line Electro festivals along with Hocico, Icon Of Coil, System Syn and Spetsnaz. These shows were filmed by the Hamburg based Crazy Clips TV show and released on DVD as the "Out Of Line Electro Festival DVD" on Out Of line Music and Metropolis Records.

October 2005 saw the release of the 3rd full length CD release from God Module entitled "Viscera".

In 2006 God Module returned for their 2nd appearance at the Wave Gothic Treffen in Leipzig Germany.

The CD "Let's Go Dark" was released in the fall of 2006 and continued to focus on common themes found in God Modules previous work (horror films, the paranormal, love, loss, the end of the world). The song Spooky became the first major cross over track for the band into the more Gothic side of scene. Co-written by Jasyn and Byron it plays out as an accumulation of all the reasons the band members are Horror fans. God Module embarked on a short tour of the Western United States in 2007 in support of the CD.

In 2008 God Module played random one off dates in the US (Seattle, Los Angeles, Denver).

In 2010 the CD, "The Magic In My Heart Is Dead" was released.

2000 - Artificial
01. Resurrection (4:10)
02. Companion (5:14)
03. Re.Start (4:30)
04. Submission (4:50)
05. Difficult Reflections (4:45)
06. Where Even The Stars Still Shine (5:08)
07. Illusion (4:44)
08. Denial (4:25)
09. Sight (3:39)
10. Divine Separation (2:52)
11. Silence (4:44)
12. Symmetry (4:55)
13. Dreams Collide (4:44)
14. Blind (4:40)

2003 - Empath
01. Catalyst (3:04)
02. Telekinetic (5:11)
03. As The Night Falls (4:20)
04. Entranced (5:16)
05. Reverse Inversion (4:38)
06. Curse (5:07)
07. Levitation (4:41)
08. Dear Dead Flesh (5:26)
09. Ever After (4:57)
10. Lunacy (5:35)

2005 - Viscera
01. The Source (4:56)
02. Inside Out (4:31)
03. False Pretense (5:00)
04. Still So Strange (4:54)
05. Lucid (5:12)
06. A Night Like This (4:00)
07. Sections (5:17)
08. Forseen (5:30)
09. Lost Time (4:28)
10. Winter Torture (4:38)
11. A Simple Restriction (3:52)

2007 - Let's Go Dark
01. Spooky (04:32)
02. Let's Go Dark (04:11)
03. Corpses (A Zombie Love Song) (04:09)
04. Undone (04:26)
05. Falling in Space (04:27)
06. Your True Face (04:01)
07. E.V.P. (04:53)
08. Beyond Fear (04:02)
09. Orange and Black (04:15)
10. Brainz (04:55)

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God Module - Foreseen
God Module - A Simple Restriction

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