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-=S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Oblivion Lost build 1114=- May 19 2002

The first Chernobyl concept build with two levels - Kordon (escape_koanyvrot) and Agronom (lest). Everything is in dark tones. Weapons - pistol HPSA, AK-74 with a grenade launcher, and a few guns from Aztec City (FN2000, M134 machine gun and hidden weapons - Protecta and M16); your enemies - soldiers, zombies and rats. 2 levels in different variantions, ai became better than in aztec demo, but still stupid, build was leaked from one of forums where developer accidentally gave a link to it.. so peoples downloaded it before it was deleted.

>> Download from oblivionlost.gameru.net <<
(7z, 98 MB)

From Russian Torrent-Trackers

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

rapidshare.com - one archive

Micro-mod for 1114 build - best graphic tweaks
>> Download from oblivionlost.gameru.net <<

Menu mod for 1114

Collection 'Do It Yourself' by Rider J
Necessary files and instructions are inside
>> Download from oblivionlost.gameru.net <<

1114 Mod
-Enemies are added to the 'escape_koanyvrot' map
the bug with the game freezing when 'level.spawn' is replaced is now fixed
-Zen now attacks everything in his sight
-New enemy type created - Stalker
-Three demonstration levels are changed: escape_kroanyvrot, a_lest_zakat, lest
Commands for Zen respawn:
g_spawn m_henuser_e
g_spawn m_henuser_f
Command for a stalker respawn
g_spawn m_stalker_e

Full version - loxotron1.narod.ru
Lite version - loxotron1.narod.ru

>> Download from oblivionlost.gameru.net <<
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