Как и было обещано на прошлой неделе, Relic выпустила патч 1.2.1.

Содержание патча (на англ. языке).
New Team Battle map added! "(6p) Tiber Outpost" is now available for play.

PvP Gameplay
Implemented final fixes for the Population Cap issue as noted in Patch 1.1.3. This included reverting the temporary changes made in Patch 1.1.3.
Tyranid Warrior Adrenal Gland upgrade damage reduced from 52 to 40
Energy Shields no longer regenerate while active – This includes the Zoanthrope, Falcon, Hive Tyrant, Warlock, Force Commander, Mekboy and Techmarine
Energy Shield conversion modifier reduced from .2 to .25
Energy Shields now have an 8 second toggle on / toggle off time.
Falcon Energy regeneration reduced from 3 to .5
Melee damage reduction versus Rippers reduced from .25 to .3
Zoanthrope Focus Blast now immobilizes vehicles for 12 seconds from 15
Guardian Battle Equipment cost increased to 50/15 from 40/10
Carnifex cost increased to 600/135 from 550/125
Tactical Sergeant's melee special attack reduced to 28 from 50
"And They Shall Know No Fear" now debuffs Tactical Marine melee damage by .6
Spore Mines can no longer enter Ravener Tunnels and Webway Gates
Warp Spider deathspinner damage increased from 20 to 30
Warp Spider Exarch dual deathspinner damage increased from 30 to 35

Fixed an issue where campaign completion achievements were sometimes not awarded

Ranking and Online Stats
Fixed an issue where players were awarded a win in Ranked multiplayer matches after modifying local files.

Fixed an issue with automatching code to help provide better quality matches based on TrueSkill™ Rankings.
Fixed an issue allowing players with mismatched data to be grouped together.

Updated BugSplat error reporting to new version.